wtorek, 28 lutego 2012

illumos NTFS-3g kernel module again

Today I saw an e-mail from Jean-Pierre André. He is very active around illumos NTFS-3g kernel module. Please use and test.
Link to Jean-Pierre André's e-mail.
Content pasted below for convenient read.
If you'd like OpenIndiana to support NTFS out of the box, please comment on https://www.illumos.org/issues/1721


I am now releasing the fuse kernel module for OpenIndiana. Ntfs-3g
now fully passes the standard tests with this kernel module and without
need of the workarounds I had to insert earlier to cope with the bad
behavior of the fuse kernel module originated from OpenSolaris.

A few optimizations would still be useful. I might have a look at them
if there is enough demand.

Available on http://b.andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/openindiana-ntfs-3g.html
are three packages ready for use :

- a full ntfs-3g package in 32-bit mode with the fuse-lite library
  and ntfsprogs
- a full ntfs-3g package in 64-bit mode with the fuse-lite library
  and ntfsprogs
- a fuse kernel module package for both the 32-bit and 64-bit modes

The raw source files (not packaged according to OpenIndiana
standards) are also available there.

I am keeping these files available on line for some time. I also keep
the change sets available to whoever enters the source code of the
fuse kernel module into a public source code management



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