wtorek, 15 czerwca 2010

Zones delegated administration

To counter my previous entry, this is something that touches Zones also, but is pretty nice feature:
http://static.opensolaris.org/on/flagdays/pages/20100607142839.html - delegated zones administration.
Basically a user or role in global zone can be designated in a zone configuration as a admin resource, thus giving the user/role additional abilities to control zones.
A good example taken from the link above:

           example# zonecfg -z myzone
zonecfg:myzone> add admin
zonecfg:myzone:admin> set user=zadmin
zonecfg:myzone:admin> set auths=login,manage,clonefrom
zonecfg:myzone:admin> end
zonecfg:myzone> commit

No, user zadmin can use profiled shell to administer zones.

Linux Brandz removed from ON

ONNV build 143 is a important for every one of us that uses lx Branded Zones - the Linux ones. There have been a stall in development since some time and forums are full of people looking for ways to install anything newer than CentOS images provided by the project. But since the build 143 Linux Brandz will be removed. If you you is too, like me, you have to plan for some migration.
And so Linux Brandz go away: http://static.opensolaris.org/on/flagdays/pages/20100612010403.html

poniedziałek, 7 czerwca 2010

SFE bootstrap script

Thanks to Tommw, who maintains sfe bootstrap script, you can set up a complete SFE compilation ready environment in few simple moves.
The script can be downloaded from here: http://tinyurl.com/bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn. Just use wget:

  1. wget -N "http://tinyurl.com/bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn"

  2. chmod a+rx bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn

  3. ./bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn username

Username is a login of a user that you'll use for compilation. The script does all the magic, just answer two or three simple questions - user's password.
Before you begin, you may want to:

  • Create a user that will be responsible for compilation. User should have a "Software Installation" profile assigned. I use my main user, who has both Software Installation and Primary Administrator profiles.

  • pfexec pkg install wget

Remember to send Thanks e-mail to address printed after the bootstrap script finishes.