wtorek, 28 lutego 2012

illumos NTFS-3g kernel module again

Today I saw an e-mail from Jean-Pierre André. He is very active around illumos NTFS-3g kernel module. Please use and test.
Link to Jean-Pierre André's e-mail.
Content pasted below for convenient read.
If you'd like OpenIndiana to support NTFS out of the box, please comment on https://www.illumos.org/issues/1721


I am now releasing the fuse kernel module for OpenIndiana. Ntfs-3g
now fully passes the standard tests with this kernel module and without
need of the workarounds I had to insert earlier to cope with the bad
behavior of the fuse kernel module originated from OpenSolaris.

A few optimizations would still be useful. I might have a look at them
if there is enough demand.

Available on http://b.andre.pagesperso-orange.fr/openindiana-ntfs-3g.html
are three packages ready for use :

- a full ntfs-3g package in 32-bit mode with the fuse-lite library
  and ntfsprogs
- a full ntfs-3g package in 64-bit mode with the fuse-lite library
  and ntfsprogs
- a fuse kernel module package for both the 32-bit and 64-bit modes

The raw source files (not packaged according to OpenIndiana
standards) are also available there.

I am keeping these files available on line for some time. I also keep
the change sets available to whoever enters the source code of the
fuse kernel module into a public source code management



poniedziałek, 13 lutego 2012

illumian - debian-like distribution of illumos

Recently my attention got caught by illumian, a Debian-like distribution of illumos. Since I come from Debian world, having administered Debian based servers for over ten years now, this distribution that uses .deb package format caught my eye. While I slowly get used to IPS, I find it far less friendly than apt- and friends.
What is this illumian distribution? It's basically OpenIndiana with IPS exchanged in favor of .deb packages. ISO file that you can grab from there contains installation media for server solution, which means that if you want to get graphical environment working, you have to install X and GNOME packages yourself. In short it comes down to installing x11 and gnome packages and enabling gdm service via svcadm.
Have a nice testing. :)

wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

Experiences Starting an OpenSource Operating System. Garrett D'Amore speaks at SCALE10x about the genesis of illumos. Recorded by Deirdré Straughan on her Youtube channel.