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SFE bootstrap script

Thanks to Tommw, who maintains sfe bootstrap script, you can set up a complete SFE compilation ready environment in few simple moves.
The script can be downloaded from here: http://tinyurl.com/bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn. Just use wget:

  1. wget -N "http://tinyurl.com/bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn"

  2. chmod a+rx bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn

  3. ./bootstrap-sfe-latest-os20nn username

Username is a login of a user that you'll use for compilation. The script does all the magic, just answer two or three simple questions - user's password.
Before you begin, you may want to:

  • Create a user that will be responsible for compilation. User should have a "Software Installation" profile assigned. I use my main user, who has both Software Installation and Primary Administrator profiles.

  • pfexec pkg install wget

Remember to send Thanks e-mail to address printed after the bootstrap script finishes.

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For the ones living on the edge, there is now a testing version of the bootstrap script available:
mv bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn.older.$$
wget -nc http://tinyurl.com/bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn
chmod a+rx bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn
./bootstrap-sfe-testing-os20nn username

testing version should run from builds 111b/2009.06 up to build 146 (and up).
It includes a lot additions from lewellyn.
Please remember to send feedback of all sorts, especially regarding the testing version. Please include uname -a in your email-report.